Reasons Why Depression Is Dangerous In A Relationship



When your partner suffers from depression inside a relationship, it’s time that you immediately look for ways to address the issue. When you don’t feel the need for assessment, it will guarantee to give you a stressful and failed relationship in the long run if you won’t pay attention. It will make things worse over time and leads you to the point of no return.

Marla Deibler, Psy.D. explains that “Those who struggle with depression tend to isolate themselves from others and it is not uncommon for them to reject help. Therefore, it is so important for loved ones to support those in their lives who are struggling with depression.”

What Can Depression Do?

“Some days you feel well, and other days, darkness envelopes you. You feel achingly sad, or you feel absolutely nothing,” according to clinical psychologist Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Depression can change everything up to the point that it takes away all the genuine things in your life. In some cases, it alters your partner’s personality produces negative qualities in him that are harmful to both of you. Eventually, it can also affect you in significant ways as well by putting pressure on everything you do for the relationship. There’s no instant remedy for this kind of mental illness, so there’s a need for assessment, consideration, patience, and adjustment.

“There’s this saying in the industry that depression can be contagious — not in the traditional way, of course — but sometimes when you’re with somebody who doesn’t want to do anything and is always feeling low and down, and speaking about negative things, it can be hard to keep up your own healthy self-care,” according to Clinical psychologist Gemma Cribb.

  • Denial – Depression can cause denial in a relationship. When your partner feels an intense emotional struggle, he might ignore the fact that he needs proper assistance and consider it as an excuse to justify the negative behaviors he does and will do in the future. It will be hard for him to acknowledge the importance of both of your development.




  • Distrust – When your partner experiences a lot of emotional turmoil because of depression, he tends to create ideas in his head that causes argument in your relationship. He suddenly develops trust issues about the things around him and begins to question the importance of commitment, the value of affection, and even your capability to love. He becomes insecure about the future of your relationship.


  • Rejection – It is one of the vital problems that you may face whenever your significant other suffers from depression. The mental condition makes your partner lose his interest in everything, including you as well. He then tries to push you away out of his life and isolate himself from anything that can drastically affect his emotional and psychological well-being.


  • Sensitivity – When your spouse or significant other is depressed, he becomes pessimistic. Everything around him doesn’t feel or seem to look good. He avoids criticism as much as possible because he doesn’t want to feel emotionally beaten up by anyone’s words or advice. He takes everything seriously and sometimes, even the slightest out of nowhere comments becomes unnerving and damaging for him.


  • Irrationality – Depression is a serious state that can make your significant other lose himself. He can get to the point where he would think of you as an enemy and doesn’t want to be with you anymore. In worst cases, he can end up creating decisions that he would regret after. His mental conditional can push him to become unreasonable and unpredictable at some point.


  • Stress – Since there’s a psychological and emotional problem accompanied by depression, stress becomes present in the relationship. It helps the purpose of the mental disorder to ruin your loved one’s cognitive state and affect his overall health. It causes him to break down, feel pain, get anxious, and have sleep disorders, among others.




Depression is something that you should not ignore because once it starts to get in your relationship, it is sometimes hard to get it out. So before you end up losing the one you love, make sure that you immediately find ways to get rid of the mental disorder once and for all.