A Battle Towards Depression

“It was all in your mind,” a common phrase that most people around me say whenever I talk about my depression.

It is a phrase that somehow invalidates what I am going through, particularly in this battle with depression.

battle with depression

“You’ll get over it” is somewhat the same as the previous statement. It attempts to shift my depressed mind into thinking that I am capable and mentally strong, not depressed. It may not sound very comforting, but it gives my depressed self that tiny piece of assurance. Often, it gets into me, and I tend to believe it. However, I see it as something that people would tell me to get rid of the unwanted sadness I bring in.

“I know what you’re going through” is one of the phrases I often hear, but I don’t want to. Sure, people know that depression is making me lose control. But who doesn’t? The statement makes me feel like there is no room for me to express my deepest thoughts and feeling because they already know what I am going through. But do they understand?

“Get over it.”

This phrase invalidates my condition. It depresses me to think I am not worthy of anyone’s time, attention, and effort. It makes me numb and unable to concentrate. It makes me feel more depressed and anxious. It makes me think that seeking help is not an option. It makes my problem worse.

These are quite a few depressive things that I often hear from people who do not understand what I am mentally and emotionally dealing with. They only know depression, but they do not understand how depression damages a depressed person’s life. Fortunately, since I know I am not okay, I insisted on finding the best solutions for my condition.

the hardest parts of the journey to recovery is letting go of people you used to be with.


I Let Go Of Toxic People

One of the hardest parts of my journey to recovery is letting go of people I used to be with. It was a decision I thought I could never make sense of. I have this fear of being alone. I was allowed to be surrounded by individuals because I thought that was the most important thing to do during depression recovery. However, the more I engage with different people and their different opinions towards my problem, the more I feel suffocated.

So when everyone around me became too demanding, insensitive, uncaring, and inconsiderate, I shut them off. I felt bad at first because some of them are close friends and family. But ever since I surrounded myself with fewer people, it all made sense. It became clear that choosing the right people who will stick with me during this exhausting disorder recovery process is more empowering than keeping the toxic ones near.

I Expressed My Emotions Even If Others Do Not Entirely Care About It

Another thing I realized during the worse stages of my depression is that keeping your mouth shut will only make you feel even more alone. So regardless of others not wanting to hear me or not being interested in what I am going through, I still decided to let them know about my depression. It is not because I wanted them to sympathize with me or anything, but because I want to remove the weight in my chest despite the consequences of people not minding.

I realized that expressing my thoughts and feelings about my condition has nothing to do with other people’s reactions. It is about how I should not endure the emotional pain that ties me to a struggling mental state. At some point, I got a little scared that the method will bring me more uncertain emotions. But to my surprise, it became a way for me to focus on myself and not give a damn about what people would think and say.

Sought Professional Help Despite Fears

Seeking For Professional Help Despite My Fears

At first, I don’t entirely believe that counseling and therapy would bring me the solutions I needed for my depression. But despite the hesitations, I went through the process. The counseling and therapy sessions are not that perfect, but the key points of depression recovery are there. That is where I realized that there are so many things that I can do to manage my condition.

Final Thoughts And Takeaway

Overcoming Depression

I realized that I am more capable of handling myself. I was surprised that I am almost near my depression recovery after considering some lifestyle adjustments. I became more empowered and self-aware. Seeking professional help helps me get through the times I can’t control myself, which I am truly grateful for.


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