How To Allow Gratitude To Rule Your Life




What are the usual symptoms of depression? There’s never-ending guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, and other horrible emotions that make you wonder how you’re still breathing. And what do you think will act as a salve to all those negativities? Gratitude, no less. As what Amy Morin said, “Gratitude opens the door to more relationships.”

It can’t be challenging to achieve because even you can give it to yourself. The trick is to let happiness enter even the tiniest blood vessels in your body. Should you still be wary as to how it’ll take place, there are a few points to remember.




  1. Make People Smile Every Day

Being everyone’s source of joy will allow you to feel gratitude at all times. You may begin by sticking smileys on their beverages or complimenting their work. The smiles they’ll return to you may help you notice the goodness in doing that and more.


  1. Remain Aware Of Your Statements

Anything you speak of can become your reality – that’s how magical your words are. Rather than complaining about your current situation, for that reason, see it as an opportunity to complete other tasks. Practice using favorable terms as well even in the face of hardships.


  1. Find Something Substantial In Life Obstacles

Pleasant things, believe it or not, can arise from the challenges that come your way. You may realize how much perseverance and strength you can muster, for instance. You should be thankful for that, though they may not be readily detectable when you’re trying to beat the odds.


  1. Start Becoming Charitable

It is satisfying to share your skills and blessings with others. The deed can be as modest as helping organizations build houses or feeding the less-fortunate children in various areas. You may even catch yourself thanking the ones you’ve aided for allowing you to do that.


  1. List Significant Things Daily

Despite the hectic schedule you may have had, the day is long enough for excellent stuff to happen. Take note of them all before you go to bed every day. In this manner, you’ll be able to revisit them in the future and only recall the happy moments.


  1. Call Your Loved Ones More Often.

Giving your parents, BFFs, and siblings a ring several times a week can gratify you too. It’s one way of showing your care for the friends and relatives who stuck with you all these years. Don’t hesitate to be vocal about it too and tell them how much you appreciate them.


  1. Value Everything

Be bold enough to admire the clear skies, the working traffic signs, or the pen you found in your pocket. Everything, after all, deserves to be praised for their existence – even the non-living objects that make life easier.  According to psychologist Dr. Robert Emmons, “Gratitude is recognizing that some of the sources of this goodness lie outside the self.”


  1. Pen Thank-You Notes

When was the last time you wrote – and not typed – an appreciation letter for someone? Although the sweet words are there, people will feel your sincerity better once you write the note the old-school way.


  1. Be Thankful For Being You

“Acknowledging and expressing genuine gratitude for what you appreciate in your life is a deeply kind act,” says Lea Seigen Shinraku, MFT.

Never fail to say ‘thank you’ to yourself. Mention the amazing stuff you’ve accomplished during the day without missing anything. As you do this kind of self-affirmation often, you won’t ever feel inadequate or incomplete. Hence, depressive thoughts may not ever spoil your mind.