Are You Having A Mental Breakdown? (Pandemic And Mental Health Awareness)

Perhaps you find yourself in a moment of mental distress due to this global health crisis. There are so many things you want to do. You feel anxious about bad things that have been going on lately, and your thoughts are filled with a lot of what-ifs. You have this feeling of loneliness that you don’t honestly know where it came from. You find it hard to concentrate and focus on the better things in life. There is an emotional burden that you can’t seem to shrug off. Well, that’s what a mental breakdown feels like. Some unwanted feelings progress, while others experience it suddenly. Sometimes, it causes you the inability to perform the daily task due to the overwhelming feeling.



Social distancing is one of the safety measures that keep you away from getting infected. However, if you find yourself avoiding people and often wanting to be alone, that’s different. There is a thin line between giving yourself an alone time because that is perfectly normal in most instances, especially when things around you becomes too much to handle. But according to some experts at BetterHelp, constant isolation may be a sign of a mental breakdown, especially when you often choose to avoid social interaction, including texting, chatting, and talking to other people.



This whole pandemic situation is terrifying, and there is no doubt that uncertainties can bring a lot of negativities. So if you find yourself caught up with your thoughts, maybe you are having a mental breakdown. Mental distress can cause you to think a lot and make you preoccupied with unwanted thoughts. sometimes, when you think it is just part of daily stress, it is not. Usually, it is not healthy because it can impair your critical thinking and sometimes affects your daily function. In some unfortunate instances, it can cause other health issues such as the inability to sleep and eat.


Depressive Symptoms

Being locked up in your home for quite some time can cause an emotional burden. That’s because everything seems too familiar that there’s no room for you to develop yourself in a variety of ways. Sometimes, you experience losing interest in things you once used to enjoy. Apparently, that may be a sign of mental breakdown. In some instances, the symptoms can be indicative of a change of mood. Usually, you often get too irritated without any reason, and you feel uncomfortable even in your comfort zone.



Understandably, this pandemic issue causes paranoia. But when you overthink that you become paranoid over getting an infection, you might be suffering from mental health issues. Paranoia builds up when you have these irrational thoughts and constant anxiety-related beliefs. The developing symptoms of this mental condition indicate that you are under a severe level of stress. In some unfortunate cases, your paranoia can make you excessively cautious about your hygiene. Thus, you find yourself unnecessarily washing your hands, putting sanitizers too much, and disinfecting things every other minute.

Panic Attacks

Mental breakdowns are a period of intense psychological stress associated with depression and anxiety. Experiencing panic attacks serve as a warning sign that your mental health is deteriorating. But it is essential to note that not all panic attacks can damage you in an instant. Some cases of this mental illness may increase its risk whenever it gets mixed up with other forms of mental health issues. These include clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and so on.

Anxiety and stress are inevitable, especially this time of the global health crisis. However, it shouldn’t have to be the reason for you to disregard your mental health. If in case you feel you are having a mental breakdown, please reach out for help. Always take care of your overall well-being.