Coping Strategies We Need In A Pandemic Situation Like This

In a stressful situation that the world is currently experiencing, all of us feel the same way. `We are all anxious, frightened, and depressed with the Coronavirus outbreak. But it shouldn’t have to stay like that. Yes, we are in a lockdown situation, but we need to do something to regain our self-awareness. We have to stock it all to keep a closer touch with ourselves. Good thing there are options that we can do to save us from the emotional and mental torture of this pandemic uncertainties. Here are some of BetterHelp‘s suggestions on the effective coping skills we need.


Reading – To keep our mental and emotional state intact, the coping strategy we need to consider is reading. It can help us in attention diversion. Meaning, instead of keeping negative thoughts lingering in our heads, reading allows us to imagine positive things through the contents of the book.

Writing – It is a coping strategy that proves in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Along with our creativity and imagination, writing can be an excellent method to keep us focused. It helps us think about the good things that are happening right now despite the global health crisis. It draws attention to realization and reflection.


Exercise – Moving our body regularly not only lowers blood pressure, but it also boosts our mood. A simple workout that lasts for 15 to 30 minutes a day can honestly make a difference. Not only for the physical but to emotional and mental as well.

Watching A Show – A television film or series is always a good option when it comes to reducing anxiety and depression. It is the most convenient way to get rid of negative thoughts, even for a little while. Aside from its instant diversion, it also allows become aware of our other emotions and avoid us from getting too attached to stress and anxiety. It is worth a try.

Play Puzzles – There is just something about playing puzzles that is so relaxing. The challenges somehow help in acquiring a better mood. Depending on the level of difficulties, puzzles’ mind-boggling challenges helps us avoid unhealthy urges. It dramatically enhances mental strength as well.


Cleaning The House – If you find cleaning your house relaxing and enjoyable, do it. It is one of the best distractions that benefit overall health at the same time. It allows physical exercise from doing the chores; It promotes a better mood after seeing a clean surrounding afterward. And it enhances your ability to stay calm and relaxed. It is also a great way to take time off from using too much of digital devices.

Listen To Music – Music allows us to focus our minds on something other than the stressors and upsetting issues at hand. It promotes the expression of thoughts and emotions as well. Music helps in getting unwanted matters out of our heads by clearing thoughts. It affects our mood and changes our perspective of the situation.


Talking To A Friend – Talk therapy is one of the practical methods that help us in dealing with mental illness. Despite the limitations of the pandemic lockdown, possible ways of communication such as texting, chatting, and talking on the phone can be beneficial. It helps us connect and vent to our emotions to someone. It reduces the feeling of loneliness and isolation as well.

The pandemic causes us certain conditions of mental illnesses that keep on growing daily. The worst part, we can’t seem to control it. We often get overwhelmed by the situation that we forget to take a second, even to consider understanding what we are going through. Slowing down and taking time to internalize all the sentiment can help us better see why we are in such a mental and emotional state.