Weddings And Marriage


The 2017 Wedding Conference and other similar get-togethers present the updated information and the trends when it comes to “tying the knot.” I have been in this business for the past eight years, and my clientele has expanded since I not only cater to weddings but also different types of events and celebrations.

Remembering my eight years at work, it was fulfilling. I never really saw it as work since I enjoyed what I was doing. It is not just about enjoying it. I love every minute of how I do my events, especially when I prepare for a full package wedding event. The calls of the brides, wherein they even call me at the wee hours, crying – oh yes! I become the wedding coordinator slash therapist. But I don’t mind it one bit. I know I was made to be in this profession. This is my calling.

A lot of my clients ask me if I am married. Right now, no, I am not. Before I became a wedding coordinator, yes, I was married. No, we did not have a divorce. I am not separated either. He did not leave me for another woman. In a way, he left me but went to the Creator of this world and the Heavens. It was depressing for a bit, but I got back up. He is up there now, smiling down on me, and I am sure that he is so happy about how I have turned out.


I don’t miss being married, in general. What I miss is being with him and the life we built together. Believe it or not, our wedding was so cheap. It was in my momma’s garden, twenty chairs max, which was covered with 2 for $10 seat cover, three tables dressed with Nana’s vintage table cloth, Christmas lights on the porch, with hanging lamps on trees, and some finger foods. If I am not mistaken, we had a tuna sandwich, eggs benedict, chicken pops, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, and grocery wine. We were that broke, but it did not stop us from getting hitched. We were after the symbol of marriage, the union of two people who, until death, for him, loved each other without conditions.

Conferences and events make tear me up, but those are happy tears as I remember what I had – oh lucky me.