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Non-Medical Ways To Fight Depression




The medical society deserves much respect for being able to diagnose health conditions, especially the various types of depression. They continuously develop treatments as well in the hopes of helping patients get rid of their diseases. Despite that, scientists have a long way to go because the antidepressants may bring side effects that’ll make matters worse (i.e. drug dependency).

In case you’d much rather fight depression holistically than medically, you may find a way from the ideas below.

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Deal With The Cause

There is always a reason why you became depressed in the first place. Only you will know what that is, so it’s important to be truthful about it.

After identifying the issue, you’ll then need to confront and triumph over the cause of your depression. This may help you get rid of the mental disorder for good.


Exercise Consistently

Working out can make you “high” in a healthier way. The constant movement encourages the brain to generate more endorphins, the brain chemicals that can lift up your spirits, to put it mildly. It will allow you to never think of using or taking substances such as drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.


Consider Meditating




You may be exhausted of hearing people tell stories about how good meditation is, yet understand that they’re not exaggerating. The practice requires silencing your thoughts to find your inner balance, after all. Once you experience that kind of peace, it may be easier for you to let go of the notions that depress you.


Stay Under The Sun

There is a form of depression known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and it appears during wintertime when the skies are usually dark. In case your physician diagnoses you with it, that entails you need lightquite literally to feel better.

The most effortless treatment for that is lounging under the sun for a good 15 minutes. It’s alright to extend the duration to a couple of hours too, but don’t forget to put sunscreen on to avoid becoming toasted.


Take Omega-3

A few researches indicate that a deficiency in Omega-3 fatty acids increase the chances of acquiring depression. It is specifically obvious in pregnant women, because they can’t eat a lot of fish during this period to prevent mercury consumption. For that reason, postnatal disorder may take place.

You can try alleviating the problem by Omega-3 supplements, assuming the natural sources are unavailable.


Schedule Everything




Being in a depressed state ruins your daily routine. When you realize that, it may make you even more dejected. To ensure that the mental disorder won’t worsen, therefore, you should place tasks on a schedule. Doing so can teach you plenty regarding structure again.



Lastly, get as much sleep as your system can handle. That’s the only time that your body can recalibrate itself and strip off the stressful things attached to you. If you deprive yourself of such a luxury, you may truly acquire depression and see bigger problems ahead of you.

Take note of all these ideas above, follow them, and notice how much your depression improves in a short time. Cheers!

10 Straightforward Signs That You Have Depression

Do you have a depression?

When you ask people that question, not many can honestly answer “yes” or “no.” Call it being naïve or just in denial, but mostly it’s because they don’t want to believe they have such a mental disorder.

A good ol’ diagnosis from the doctor can tell you if you have depression. In case you wish to break out of this ordeal without medical help, though, look for these signs in yourself.

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  1. Weight Gain

The first signal is that you only want to eat comfort foods such as chocolates and ice cream 24/7. You can care less about the calories you willingly stuff in your body with this condition. It results, therefore, to increase your weight.


  1. Blank Feeling

Depressed folks typically shut their emotions down consciously or subconsciously. Watching the sad movies or tv shows you bawled over every time in the past don’t make you cry anymore. You can’t smile either when your funniest friend cracks a joke. You just feel nothing.


  1. Short Temper

Is someone at home or in the office commenting on how irritable you’ve been getting lately? The simple noises tick you off; you tend to feel angry pretty quickly once your subordinates send you a wrong document. That’s a sign of depression too.


  1. Difficulty in Decision-Making


  1. Physical Pain

Having a depression also brings out various physical pains whose roots you can’t pinpoint. That can be a major headache, constipation, diarrhea, or muscle ache, among others.


  1. Insomnia

It is often difficult to sleep for a depressed person. The reason isn’t always because of overthinking; usually, no thoughts even run through your head. But then, once you slumber, you remain asleep for almost 12 hours.


  1. Lack of Interest

Every single activity you religiously did once upon a time suddenly seems boring to you. Even studying or going to work, which you know are highly significant, no longer matters. Also, being around friends and family goes to the bottom of your priorities.


  1. Pessimism

The negative ideas go rampant in your mind when you have depression. The question always eating the brain is, what’s the point of doing this or that if other people can do it as well?



  1. Fatigue

Feeling extremely tired even without doing anything is another sign of depression. You may not be working, yet you developed terrible eating and sleeping habits. Hence, fatigue is to be expected.


  1. Suicidal Thoughts

Lastly, the thoughts of ending your sorrows with a noose around the neck or a cut on the wrist never leave. Some, unfortunately, succumb to that temptation due to how noisy things can become in their head.


Practical Ways To Overcome Depression On Your Own


Depression is a disease that millions of people suffer from around the world. However, statistics may be a little inaccurate because many can’t speak up about it and are silently dealing with it.




You’ll understand them better if you put yourself in their shoes. The stigma thrown at people with mental disorder, especially depression, is a total pain to handle. Others, on the contrary, just won’t accept that they have this illness for fear of embarrassing themselves or their loved ones.

If you don’t want anybody to know that you have the disorder or you refuse to see a doctor for it, then perhaps you should try to heal yourself at least. Below are some practical ways to overcome depression on your own.

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Tap Into Your Creativity

The initial rule to reduce your anxiety is to focus on doing something creative. Whether you want to dance, sing, paint or write is really up to you. You don’t even have to possess the best skills for it. Just being able to express your thoughts or feelings through your chosen medium is more than satisfactory.

What’s cool is that you can tap into different arts in case the current one becomes boring. No mandate will tell you otherwise.


Agree To Take New Tasks

Depression makes its victim lose motivation and feel worthless. It’s possible for you, therefore, to stop coming to school or office, thinking they don’t need you there.



The more you notice that happening, though, the more you should push yourself to work extra. Better yet, take on new responsibilities. While it may seem like a recipe for a disaster, the bigger role will allow you to be in control of things. That’s the feeling that depression can snatch away from you, and that is why it’s important never to let it occur.


Go Out

The disorder can also drain the fun out of the most extrovert person. You used to love being around people before it hit you, and now you just prefer to curl up on the couch and flip through TV channels all day. Your passion for a healthy living goes out of the door and pizza boxes, bottles of soda, and tubs of ice cream begin to pile up around you.

Our advice? Stop permitting your days to go that way. Get out of whatever rock you’re hiding in. Beyond human connection, the sunlight touching your skin will do you good. Scientists found out that it does increase your supply of serotonin, the mood-enhancing brain chemical, which you truly need to fight depression.


Refrain From Overusing Social Media

Social networking sites, as entertaining as they are, contain stuff that can only aggravate your depressed feelings.You won’t get better by reading inspiration quotes 24/7. Stalking friends or exes online and seeing how happy they are will make you super miserable too.

In fact, the hours can go by without you opening any of your social media accounts. You’ll be able to use your time in a productive manner as well if you skip that.

Try each practical way you’ve just read to beat depression on your own. Cheers!

How To Allow Gratitude To Rule Your Life




What are the usual symptoms of depression? There’s never-ending guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, and other horrible emotions that make you wonder how you’re still breathing. And what do you think will act as a salve to all those negativities? Gratitude, no less.

It can’t be challenging to achieve because even you can give it to yourself. The trick is to let happiness enter even the tiniest blood vessels in your body. Should you still be wary as to how it’ll take place, there are a few points to remember.

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  1. Make people smile every day.

Being everyone’s source of joy will allow you to feel gratitude at all times. You may begin by sticking smileys on their beverages or complimenting their work. The smiles they’ll return to you may help you notice the goodness in doing that and more.


  1. Remain aware of your statements.

Anything you speak of can become your reality – that’s how magical your words are. Rather than complaining about your current situation, for that reason, see it as an opportunity to complete other tasks. Practice using favorable terms as well even in the face of hardships.


  1. Find something substantial in life obstacles.

Pleasant things, believe it or not, can arise from the challenges that come your way. You may realize how much perseverance and strength you can muster, for instance. You should be thankful for that, though they may not be readily detectable when you’re trying to beat the odds.


  1. Start becoming charitable.

It is satisfying to share your skills and blessings with others. The deed can be as modest as helping organizations build houses or feeding the less-fortunate children in various areas. You may even catch yourself thanking the ones you’ve aided for allowing you to do that.


  1. List significant things daily.

Despite the hectic schedule you may have had, the day is long enough for excellent stuff to happen. Take note of them all before you go to bed every day. In this manner, you’ll be able to revisit them in the future and only recall the happy moments.


  1. Call your loved ones more often.

Giving your parents, BFFs, and siblings a ring several times a week can gratify you too. It’s one way of showing your care for the friends and relatives who stuck with you all these years. Don’t hesitate to be vocal about it too and tell them how much you appreciate them.


  1. Value everything.

Be bold enough to admire the clear skies, the working traffic signs, or the pen you found in your pocket. Everything, after all, deserves to be praised for their existence – even the non-living objects that make life easier.


  1. Pen thank-you notes.

When was the last time you wrote – and not typed – an appreciation letter for someone? Although the sweet words are there, people will feel your sincerity better once you write the note the old-school way.


  1. Be thankful for being you.


Never fail to say ‘thank you’ to yourself. Mention the amazing stuff you’ve accomplished during the day without missing anything. As you do this kind of self-affirmation often, you won’t ever feel inadequate or incomplete. Hence, depressive thoughts may not ever spoil your mind.