2016 Irvine Depression Statistics And The Importance Of Helping Depressed Students

Regardless of how comprehensive the 2016 Irvine depression statistics is, the information we gathered from it is still quite disheartening. The graphs showed that many children up to 18 years old live with this specific mental disorder. Their numbers continue to rise even now that 2018 is almost over.

The thing is, most of these kids are at school. The time they should spend at honing their skills gets wasted by entertaining feelings of hopelessness and sadness. Considering you are a parent, a teacher, or a school principal, therefore, you should find out how to help depressed youngsters.

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1. Know What Causes The Depression

The ideal first action for concerned adults is to figure out the cause of the kid’s problems. You can do that by asking the child directly, but the reality is that it’s difficult to make them speak about it. Another technique is to observe his or her behavioral changes – that can also clue you in on what makes kiddo depressed.

2. Talk About Things In A Positive Light

Whenever you are around a child with depression, it should become a habit to not talk about various situations pessimistically. Even though the topic may not affect his or her life at all, the emotions coming from that can bring the kid’s mood down. Thus, try to mention stuff in a positive light as often as possible to avoid feeding the depression.

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3. Don’t Pressure Them To Do Better Immediately

You need to take note of the fact that depressive disorder does not have a cure. Medication cannot even do much good for it. Because of that, if you notice that a depressed youngster is not responding well to your efforts, you should stop yourself from getting frustrated. When the child sees that, it may only increase his or her depression. Then, you will all go back to square one.


Helping school-aged kids to overcome depression may not be the most stress-free task out there. Nevertheless, it won’t ideally be too difficult if the entire community does their part. Good luck!